Uniform Tax Rebate

Uniform Tax Rebate, If you wear a uniform or protective clothing for work then you can claim your rebate here

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When an employee wears a protective or identifiable uniform for work and is responsible for washing, repairing and replacing it without any help from the employer, they may be qualified to claim the Uniform Tax Rebate from HMRC or Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.

Simple Tax Rebate helps to do just that by doing all the work for you. We pride our self with a quick efficient service, without any hidden cost. Unlike all our competitors we do not take a percentage of your rebate (plus a minimum amount). Our price is a flat £25 for the service.

Are you eligible for a Tax Refund?

All of the conditions specified below must apply for one to claim this type of tax rebate:


You are required to wear a uniform as pat of your job.


Your uniform must be recognizable, like police, engineer or nurse. Shirts, printed or embroidered with company logo designated to be used for work are also considered as uniforms.


You must be responsible for maintaining your uniform. This includes, washing up, repair or replace. No uniform tax rebate can be claimed if the employer maintains the clothing, provides washing facilities, or gives payment for maintenance.

The armed forces officers, however, are not required to undergo this process. Payments for the maintenance of the officers’ uniforms are managed in accordance to their tax code. Some police forces, on the other hand, have already claimed their tax rebate, but each force has its own arrangement, thus, it is best to confirm this with their respective force.


The amount of rebate the employee can claim depends on the industry. As a general rule, the FREA or flat rate expense allowance for the maintenance of the uniform is £60. Basic-rate taxpayers can claim 20 percent of FREA while higher-rate taxpayers get 40 percent. This means that these taxpayers can claim £12 and £24 respectively. Since there is a flat rate of £60, it is not necessary to record every uniform-related expense.

Employees can also reclaim uniform tax rebate up to the past 4 years. In this case, the employee can claim the rebate from 2012 up to the current year, which is 2016; hence, a total of £60 can be reclaimed by a basic rate taxpayer for 2012 to 2016.

uniform tax rebateWhen the taxpayer signs up, his or her tax code will be modified. In the next years, a smaller amount of tax will be due. In the event that the employer has already reimbursed the amount spent by the employee for the purchase and maintenance of his uniform, he can no longer claim tax relief.

Even though there is a FREA amounting to £60, some lines of work have a different ceiling or rate. Usually, this has something to do with specialists’ uniforms, which maximum allowance amounts to £140. In this instance, higher rate taxpayers can claim £56 in that annum, while basic rate taxpayers get back £28.

To claim a bigger amount than the standard refund, the best thing to do is to explain and validate that the yearly uniform maintenance expense is higher.

How can a taxpayer claim the rebate for the first time?

The first step in making a claim is to secure the National Insurance Number, together with relevant information regarding former and present employment. Submit these requirements to a tax agency.

As soon as the application is received, the assigned team will then examine the details manually. The team will see to it that the taxpayer can claim as much refund as possible. After that, the completed form and envelope will be sent to the taxpayer. He or she needs to sign the form and send it back. The form will then be re-evaluated before sending it off to HMRC.

Within two to three months, HMRC will get in touch with the taxpayer to notify him about how much he will be getting as a rebate, if there is any. The refund will be paid directly to the tax agency, who will then issue a check or BACS of the tax refund. Agency fees are subtracted from the rebate. In case the taxpayers do not get any rebate, they will not be charged.

We at Simple Tax Rebate make the process a breeze. Any eligible taxpayer can just get his uniform tax rebate with ease.

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Please fill in the form as best as you can, ensure the details are as close as possible. In particular make sure that your National Insurance Number, contact details and address are accurate.



We will check all the details and may contact you, if we feel this helps you get a bigger rebate. Once done we will then send this completed form to you.



Your completed form should arrive within 24 hours of being submitted online. You will then need to check this form ensure its accurate and sign it. Then using the prepaid self addressed envelope please send the form.



Once HMR&C receives your form they will usually take 8-12 weeks to process your claim. This time limit is out of our control and can be more depending on their workload. Once done they will contact you directly informing you of the rebate amount. And we will send you your rebate (minus £25) directly via BACS.